Nudge Track Delay

Gives fine control nudge buttons for the renoise track delays with the bonus of working on group tracks and nudging all the sub-tracks by the selected amount.

Shortcut: Nudge Track Delay

Menu: Tools: Ledger’s Scripts: Nudge Track Delay

Track Comments

Add comments to individual tracks. All data will be saved in the global song comments using a special syntax.

Right clicking on a track --> Track --> Track Comments will open a popup comment editor.

Update 0.8: Compatible with Renoise 3.1
Update 0.7: Fixed an issue with the Tool Updater
Update 0.6: Compatible with Renoise 3.0

Set Track To Active Columns

This tool checks the "Track in Song" for notes in hidden columns or excess empty columns. The number of visible columns is then adjusted so all notes are shown and excess columns hidden.

Menu Location:

-Pattern Menu : Set Track Width To Active Columns
-Tools Menu : Ledger`s Scripts : Set Track Width To Active Columns


"Set Track Width To Active Columns"

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