Clear Junk Data

Clears unattached "note meta-data" and note-offs. The two processes are separated in the GUI as sometimes unattached meta-data is not junk and should be saved.

Access via Pattern Menu and Keybinding:

"Clear Junk Data"


Version 1.21

--new pattern range scope added to apply to specified range in a song

Version 1.1

--changed: Note-off delay values are no longer deleted

Set Track To Active Columns

This tool checks the "Track in Song" for notes in hidden columns or excess empty columns. The number of visible columns is then adjusted so all notes are shown and excess columns hidden.

Menu Location:

-Pattern Menu : Set Track Width To Active Columns
-Tools Menu : Ledger`s Scripts : Set Track Width To Active Columns


"Set Track Width To Active Columns"

Auto Maximize Selected DSP Device

This tool will automatically maximize the currently selected DSP in renoise`s DSP lane while minimizing all others. This is to help to keep the DSP lane tidy and keep the currently selected DSP open for editing.

To enable simply right click on a DSP in renoise and choose the option "Auto Maximize Selected Device" from the menu.

Tags: Maximize, DSP, Tidy
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