GUI Automation Recorder

This tool adds the ability to record mouse movements from controls of VST plugins’ GUIs (instruments and fx).

Automation Single Slider

Write automation envelopes with the large rotary (also MIDI mappable) . Popup menus select the device and parameter that you want to automate. There is a third popup which lists the already automated parameters for quick selection too.

All parameter selections are synced with the renoise automation list.

Also has a grab function to quickly select plugin parameters from their GUIs.

Menu entries:


Locate and lock plugin parameter names that seem to have no direct connection to their native GUI controller name or save yourself the hassle of browse through thousands of parameter sliders for midi mapping in DSP devices and filter directly desirable controllers to map using the mixer-view mini sliders.

Filter specific parameters of DSP vst's from thousands of parameter names (show them in the mixer dsp view and quickly midi map them in there).

Tags: Vst, Vsti, plugins, DSP
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