This tool saves and loads the default MIDI mapping
as “MIDIMAPRQ.XRNM” next to the (once installed) tool location.


MidiMapRQ under menu Tools…
a Load button
a Save button

Menu entry under Song:
Save Default MIDI Mappings
Load Default MIDI Mappings

This tool got tested with Renoise 3.4.0 - It may work with Renoise 3.1 or newer.

Missing Plugins Info Simplified

This tool adds an alternative entry to the Song Menu for listing missing song plugins.

It gives a simplified list of FX plugins (listed one time each) with no track info listed either, for easier visual scanning vs the renoise native feature.

Known issue: Will list any user added text dividers in the instrument list as the tool has to check for text with no plug or sample slots present to ‘guess’ that it is a missing plug.

-Missing Instruments should be found better now

Musical Programming Environment

If you are familiar with the series of drum machine/samplers from AKAI, in particular the MPC2000XL then you know how much fun it can be to make sampled music!

When I discovered Renoise I couldn't believe it! almost a substitute for my MPC! but, the interface is a little wide and has its own learning curve, nothing impossible just different. I wanted to control Renoise like I do my MPC. Quick access from one small set of buttons and the ability to create more or less bars quickly, erase a track or tap tempo to a track

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