SAI & Phrases Importer

Provides two separate panels for:
- "Save all instruments": save all XRNI instruments of the current song in a folder of your choice (use coroutines).
- "Phrases Importer": import all XRNZ phrases between selected instruments. Select a origin and a destiny instrument index to import.
Access: Instrument box: "~Save All Instruments..." or "~Phrases Importer..."


PhraseTouch is an extensive complement for Renoise (v3.1.1 and future versions) created by ulneiz, that allows the multiple trigger of notes and phrases (simultaneously), among many other things, by deploying up to 16 panels of notes. It is compatible with OSC, has its own keyboard commands and is widely compatible with MIDI Input.


PhraseMate aims to make it more convenient to work with phrases in Renoise, particularly if you prefer a keyboard-centric workflow. Copy phrases into the pattern editor, or vice versa, and make the tool insert "set phrase" commands (Zxx) automatically as you are entering notes into a song.

Source and documentation

Visit github to view the full documentation (also included with the download):


Noodletrap is a tool that allows easy and precise recording of PC/MIDI keyboards without having to "make room" for a recording - recordings are instead stored within the instrument itself, using instrument phrases.


Information about the tool is located on github
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