ScaleMate offers quick access to the built-in instrument scales in Renoise, organized by the number of notes.

If the user-interface is visible, the currently set scale and key are shown there. Push a button to select. Alternatively, use the available keyboard shortcuts / MIDI mappings.

Whenever you select a scale or key, you can tell ScaleMate to write this into the pattern (technically, a MIDI command). This also works while recording, and allows you to switch scales on the fly.


Noodletrap is a tool that allows easy and precise recording of PC/MIDI keyboards without having to "make room" for a recording - recordings are instead stored within the instrument itself, using instrument phrases.


Information about the tool is located on github


Metronome Pre-Click / Count-in tool.

Known issue : If you press a single keyboard note very early into the countdown in no-GUI mode you may get a freak note 1/4 down your pattern. (Wont cause problems if you use the tool normally)


-Some syncing problems should be fixed....

-Now remembers the state of the current track, stays in solo mode if it was before recording.

-Doesn't skip to the next pattern no matter what.


- Synced start point, should work much better until I figure out how to move to a specific point in a pattern

Auto Clone Patterns

This script overrides the looping feature of the sequence editor. It will clone the loop sequence when a pattern in the loop is played and edit mode is on. The edit cursor must be set to follow the playback position. It's useful to jam over a sequence. Just select the loop you want to record on, and your whole performance will be recorded. The tool can be enabled or disabled via the Tools menu or via keybinding.

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