Instrument Management

Combine Instruments

Copies samples from the instruments in the selected range into a new instrument.


This tool is deprecated - Renoise 3.1 has this feature built-in

The instrument in Renoise 3 has a feature which is well and truly hidden:
It supports comments and tags, both will be saved along with the instrument just fine.
It's just that we didn't have any way to view or edit those comments or tags - until now!

The tool is simple to use - drag to install the xrnx, then right-click any instrument to view/edit
(the dialog will automatically update as you switch between instruments)


Xrni-Merger is an "instrument asset manager", designed to make it easy to copy assets from one instrument into another. That would include modulation sets, effect chains, phrases and samples.

To make it more awesome, it does a lot of stuff behind the scenes. If you for example select a single sample that makes use of an effect chain that in turn send audio to another chain, this is detected by the tool and you can then choose to reconstruct the entire 'network' in the target instrument.

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