Slice N Exact

An automated way to create evenly spaced markers. Very simple tool, small improvements to be made on short term. As of now, works via keyboard shortcut only (in the preferences Keys section search for "Slice 'n' Exact"). Works on an entire sample.


Menus and Keyboard shortcuts for
* a tool window to help show certain parameters in the mixer (like all automated, all controlled/modulated, all bound via midi)
* toggling all parameters on currently selected device

Tags: Mixer, Workflow

Auto Add New Instrument

Auto add new instrument / sample when pressing (Shift)Numpad+ while on the last instrument..
find the 4 keyboard shortcuts by searching for "select or add" in the prefs window "Keys" in renoise

Tags: Workflow


The ColorMate tool is a keyboard driven dialog for setting and managing track colors.

-Use RGB or HSV color system
-Store persistent color preferences
-Copy and paste track colors
-Manage track colors by groups

More info including the keyboard shortcuts for the tool in the manual!

Sir Dancealot

Tell me, sir Lancelot, do you... dance a lot?
This tool is very good at quick insertion of FX in the chain of the currently selected track. Forget the mouse, use the keyboard.

modus operandi / notes;

Best Views

Best Views is a simple view keyboard shortcut add-on/enhancement especially targeted at laptops and other smaller / widescreen resolutions. The following shortcuts are added:

Tags: Workflow

Play and Loop Pattern

Keyboard shortcut to 'loop pattern' just like the shortcut for 'block loop' (NumPad Enter) works. (AltGr replacement)

Slice Master

Keyboard shortcut to set all samples' parameters in current instrument to the parameters of the first sample (hint: don't use sync, use the 'T' button next to it!)
parameters copied:
volume, pan, transpose, finetune, interpolate, nna, loop mode.

Tags: Workflow


This tool adds some options for how the pattern editor edit step function behaves.

The tool has persistent options that are set through a dialog that can be found under Tools-menu. Note that using some options also require that you reassign your shortcut keys for row navigation. For more information, consult the brief manual and the tooltips on options-dialog.

V 1.4
-New compact gui scheme
-Renamed a wrapping option more consistently
-Added shortcuts for moving a single row (normal movement)
-revised the manual a bit


Add marks to locations in Renoise.

Use letters as markers of positions in patterns and the renoise GUI.
Positions remembered include:

  • Pattern, track, line and note column
  • Selected instrument
  • Top, Middle and bottom panel view

Marks are saved in the “Marks” instrument and will be saved
together with the song so they are restored when the song is reopened at a
later time.


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