Pattern Editor

Rotate Pattern

Rotates pattern content (shift and wrap content around the pattern start and end) and automation points for the current pattern.
Creates a new menu entry 'Rotate...' in the Pattern Editor's context menu. Also adds Pattern Editor shortcuts to quickly rotate selection content up and down.

Step Sequencer

A Step Sequencer is an intuitive, fast and fun possibility of editing a song. It is especially for live purposes and beat creation an excellent tool.
The "Lauflicht Step Sequencer" is a moving light, multitrack and multitimbral step sequencer. You can either begin to create a new pattern on scratch or even load the notes of a given pattern into the sequencer automatically. It has additional functions like a keyboard mode to create melodies or chords easily, a control matrix to modulate up to eight parameters of your choice for every single step of each track in real time and much more.

Clear Junk Data

Clears unattached "note meta-data" and note-offs. The two processes are separated in the GUI as sometimes unattached meta-data is not junk and should be saved.

Access via Pattern Menu and Keybinding:

"Clear Junk Data"


Version 1.21

--new pattern range scope added to apply to specified range in a song

Version 1.1

--changed: Note-off delay values are no longer deleted

Set Track To Active Columns

This tool checks the "Track in Song" for notes in hidden columns or excess empty columns. The number of visible columns is then adjusted so all notes are shown and excess columns hidden.

Menu Location:

-Pattern Menu : Set Track Width To Active Columns
-Tools Menu : Ledger`s Scripts : Set Track Width To Active Columns


"Set Track Width To Active Columns"

Convert Instrument Number

This tool will take the pattern instrument numbers and convert them to the currently selected instrument, for the chosen range.

Accessed via the right-click menu of the instrument box and available user shortcuts.


"Convert (Track in Pattern) Instruments to Currently Selected"
"Convert (Whole Track) Instruments to Currently Selected"
"Convert (Selection in Pattern) Instruments to Currently Selected"

Menu Location:

Instrument Box: Convert Notes in : "Track "..etc

PatternEditor Find And Replace

A tool for finding & replacing raw pattern data (notes, instruments, fx, ...). Has simple wildcard support and the ability to batch replace all occurrences. Shows up as 'Find And Replace...' in the Pattern Editor's context menu.


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