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Mutable-Instruments "Anushri" synthesizer has a nice built-in drum pattern generator ("generative sequencer").
I did steal the essential code and made a renoise tool out of it.

There is a lengthy description of how it works at:

Sync All Notes In Group

This is a tool to make doubling/tripling.. tracks in your song a lot easier, allowing a quick workflow for layering sounds. It manages multiple tracks within a group to keep the same notes copied across them all. Each track retains it`s own instrument and you can add different fx and automation to each instrument layer.

Track Comments

Add comments to individual tracks. All data will be saved in the global song comments using a special syntax.

Right clicking on a track --> Track --> Track Comments will open a popup comment editor.

Update 0.8: Compatible with Renoise 3.1
Update 0.7: Fixed an issue with the Tool Updater
Update 0.6: Compatible with Renoise 3.0

Pianolol Melody Editor

This tool allows you to edit the notes in a selection in the pattern editor.

You can not set new note events in the melody editor, only edit the pitch
of existing notes. That means, that the rhythm of your melody has to
be set first. Then you select the notes, and open the "Melody Editor"
to edit the pitch of the notes. The editor comes with many built in scales
that make it easy to stay in a scale.

Change Block Loop Size

Shortcuts for doubling and halving the block loop size.

Broaden Selection

This tool gives you six easy to use extra shortcuts. The first three (labeled 'Broaden Selection') give possibility to make a selection in pattern editor song-wide (or just to the left, or to the right) instantly. The second three (aptly labeled 'Note Solo') make that whole selection silent by placing note-offs, except for the current track. Effectively a solo that stays.


Duplicate current pattern in-pattern (shortcut for clone, select, join in sequence editor)
New version with MIDI bind option

Group Selected Tracks

Groups all tracks in Pattern Editor selection (Ctrl+G replacement)

Push Back

Liveish groove tool
3 Midi binds for Volume, Panorama and Delay values. These binds work as follows:
If edit step is 0, only current row is affected.
If edit step is bigger, e.g. 16, every 16th row from the current cursor position (and back up) in current pattern is affected.
If cursor is in a note column (Note, Octave, Instrument, V/P/D), only current note column is affected.
If cursor is in an effect column of a note track, every visible note column of current track is affected.


This tool adds some options for how the pattern editor edit step function behaves.

The tool has persistent options that are set through a dialog that can be found under Tools-menu. Note that using some options also require that you reassign your shortcut keys for row navigation. For more information, consult the brief manual and the tooltips on options-dialog.

V 1.4
-New compact gui scheme
-Renamed a wrapping option more consistently
-Added shortcuts for moving a single row (normal movement)
-revised the manual a bit


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