Expand Song

A tool for expanding a whole song by an integer factor.

Partial Quantize

A simple tool for partial quantizing (quantizing notes, but not all the way). Find it in the tools menu or the pattern editor right-click menu. You can also search for "partially quantize" in the keybindings.

v1.2 (2/1/19)
- Fix broken behavior when dragging the quantize amount valuebox
- Remove the "quantize length" note-off mode
- Add nudge and swing options

v1.1 (11/17/18)
- Fix note offs with no preceding note data being erased
- Add a valuebox for inputting quantize amount percentages


A tool for adding 'groove' or 'swing' to quantized patterns by moving notes forward or backward in time.

Tags: Timing, Swing, Groove

Iterative Quantize

Iterative quantization (also known as partial quantization) moves notes towards the nearest line, but not all the way as normal quantization does. You can use it to correct the timing of recorded notes without making it sound too 'mechanical'.

IQ has 3 controls:

shift: moves all notes forward or backward in time by a fixed amount before the actual quantization. It is included to correct for systematic timing errors (when all notes are delayed by a fixed time).

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