Note Delays

Partial Quantize

A simple tool for partial quantizing (quantizing notes, but not all the way). Find it in the tools menu or the pattern editor right-click menu. You can also search for "partially quantize" in the keybindings.

v1.2 (2/1/19)
- Fix broken behavior when dragging the quantize amount valuebox
- Remove the "quantize length" note-off mode
- Add nudge and swing options

v1.1 (11/17/18)
- Fix note offs with no preceding note data being erased
- Add a valuebox for inputting quantize amount percentages

Note Properties

This tool gives you extra controls to manipulate the currently selected note and its properties. It is useful for visual feedback and fine adjustments of values via the mouse.

The renoise keyboard shortcut to use the tool is:

Tools: ~Note Properties

This can be assigned via the renoise preferences, found in the renoise edit menu.


This tool sets the meta (vol/pan/dly) value in selected range for all notes.

-Type in the value then press return and all notes will have their relevant meta values changed.
-To change the field effected type V (for vol) or P (for pan) or L (for delay)

Shortcut to activate:
Set Meta Value

Menu Location:
Tools : Ledger`s Scripts : Set Meta Values

v1.01 -- added menu entry under: Tools : Ledger`s Scripts : Set Meta Values

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