ChordLord features (v3.01.231)
231 types of chords..
in each scale/key/tonality..
for each possible tone/note..
selectable with buttons..
to click each possible chord in harmony.
Read the forum topic for info.. and open the Options in ChordLord.
Record mode on: record chord notes to pattern (with step edit also jumps to the next set step)..
OSC server on: preview clicked chords with selected instrument ..
Choose a default velocity and octave on top of the Renoise window..
also use Inversion in ChordLord to make chords lower and higher..
There is a Jump and Jump Up button to skip the number of set Edit Steps in the Pattern Editor without entering a chord.
The Arpeggio checkbox in the options of ChordLord will skip the set Edit Steps between each note in the Pattern Editor.
Window size can be set from 15 to 45 buttons deep. Chord complexity levels can be picked from level 0 to level 3.
There are 4 modes for the arpeggio to choose from.
ChordLord is accessible via menu Tools... ChordLord..
Development by: ..
EatMe ..
Panda (pandabot) ..
Suva ..
Special thanks to: ..
Pone ..
Joule ..
Neuro... No Neuro

Acid Step Sequencer

Acid Step Sequencer or A.S.S. is a stepper note injector, with an acidic sequencer approach. Choose a number of steps between 2 and 32. You can manipulate the notes and all their related values. Use the Master Step (“M” swith) for manipulation in selective groups or each step individually. You will be able to import, edit and delete data. Experiment with your notes quickly from a advanced sequencer panel. Use the power of randomization to get more creative in no time. This tool will add hours of fun building your patterns!

Note Properties

This tool gives you extra controls to manipulate the currently selected note and its properties. It is useful for visual feedback and fine adjustments of values via the mouse.

The renoise keyboard shortcut to use the tool is:

Tools: ~Note Properties

This can be assigned via the renoise preferences, found in the renoise edit menu.

Randomize Notes

Randomizes or shuffles notes in various tonal modes and ranges, in order to create new random variations of existing sequences.

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