Algorythmic Composition


Script finds intervals for cadence progressions for use as a core of melodies. Together with Progressor and Pathfinder is combo kit-set for making musical sentences, themes and melodies. Check forum link below for step by step instruction guide.


Script matches the way (path) between start tone and the tone of next cadence, which usually follows with a chord. Cadence got specified interval and quality of interfering with start tone. Match is made within tones selected by checkboxes in 'Scale' area. Quality of tones of the path may be selected by 'Path intervals' list and buttons. Buttons 'start cadence' and 'end cadence' describes if start and end tones of note progression has to be included in tones sent to pattern. Text list below with numbers and notes shows what notes and what order will be shot into pattern.


Script matches chord progression for user defined tune using algorythmic method

what's new:
small bugfix for diminished 7 chord in harmonic minor scale.

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