This is a renoise tool that adds support for the Logic EXS24 sample format.

Once the tool is installed .exs instruments should be visible in the sidebar. Clicking on the instrument will load it just like a native renoise instrument.

The tool will attempt to load the samples automatically. If the sample path cannot be determined you will be prompted to select the folder.

This tool can currently map the following properties for zones and samples:

OP-1 Export

This tool exports Renoise sliced samples in a drumkit format compatible with the OP-1 synthesizer by Teenage Engineering. Slices created in the Renoise Sample Editor are preserved in the OP-1 when the sample is exported using this tool.

The tool also features a simple 'auto' slicer which will slice the selected sample into a specified number of equally spaced slices.

Quick Vol AHDSR

An alternative mini GUI to access an Attack,Hold,Decay,Sustain,Release (AHDSR) envelope in the renoise sampler.

What it`s for

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