Guru is a Renoise tool for editing sounds on external hardware synths via MIDI. It provides a generic user interface for editing the parameters of the synth, and let's you store them as patches, that can be restored later on.

Guru also saves the patches with the song, so when you re-open a song synths and the patches you were working with when you saved it are restored.

All the parameters are MIDI assignable, so you can use it to map any MIDI controller to the synth.

JX Programmer

Note! This tools has been replaced by the tool Guru, which allows for editing many other synths as well, See the Guru page

JX Programmer is a Renoise tool for editing sounds on the Roland JX-8P, MKS-70, and JX-10 (Super JX) synthesizers via sysex, similar to the original PG-800 hardware programmer from Roland.

It has got a user interface for editing all the parameters of a tone in the synths, and a switch to select which one of the two tones on the JX-10/MKS-70 to edit.

SysEx Librarian

The SysEx Librarian tool incorporates MIDI System Exclusive librarian functionality into Renoise.

It allows the user to send standard '.syx' format SysEx files to any available MIDI output device, and to record and save them from any available MIDI input device.

Sending '.syx' files can either be performed from the menu item outlined below or by loading them from the native Renoise file browser panel.

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