Instrument Editor

Instrument Mixer

Adds a shortcut key to launch a fully keyboard-operable mixer window for multi-sample instruments. Modus Operandi:

Instrument Shortcuts Additions

Simply adds a few extra shortcuts to the instrument editor list
These are the extra shortcuts (and where you can find them):
Instrument Box:Navigation:Select previous sample
Instrument Box:Navigation:Select next sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Move sample up
Instrument Box:Edit:Move sample down
Instrument Box:Edit:Insert new sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Delete sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Rename sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Clear sample

Splitmap Manager

The Splitmap manager is an extended version of the drumkit.
-You can set a specific base-note to start from and an end-note to assign to.
-Assign each sample to multiple semitone keys
-Pad first sample to all lower keys below the start-note and pad the last sample to all higher keys above the end-note.
-Shift note-ranges up and down the virtual keyboard

Additional File Format Import Support

The FileFormats tool incorporates loading of additional file formats into the native Renoise file browser. Loading these additional formats is as easy as any other, as they will appear as valid formats in the sample or instrument file browser as necessary.

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