Tutorial Videos

Renoise Beginners tutorial is a thorough introduction to song creation in Renoise. It provides a step by step guide to creating a song from scratch and is perfect for those new to Renoise or computer composing in general.

If you prefer to watch it offline, downloads are available here:
Beginners Tutorial Part #1 - The Basics
Beginners Tutorial Part #2 - Adding Effects
Beginners Tutorial Part #3 - Automation
Beginners Tutorial Part #4 - Instruments
Beginners Tutorial Part #5 - Track Extras
Beginners Tutorial Part #6 - Group, Send and Master tracks
Beginners Tutorial Part #7 - Advancing the Song

Check also our YouTube channel: LearnRenoise

Renoise (various videos)

We are not the only ones producing Renoise videos! Here is a playlist containing dozens of additional videos, each one aiming to teach your something about the software, or to showcase music made with Renoise.

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