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Set Track To Active Columns This tool checks the "Track in Song" for notes in hidden columns or excess empty columns. The... Track, Tidy, Pattern Editor
Duplex Browser Duplex is a collection of scripts that control various aspects of Renoise with plug-and-play... Renoise Team, OSC, MIDI Controller
Note Properties This tool gives you extra controls to manipulate the currently selected note and its properties.... Pattern Editor, Workflow, Volume
Noodletrap Noodletrap is a tool that allows easy and precise recording of PC/MIDI keyboards without having to... Recording, Phrases, Keyboard
xStream xStream is a tool that allows you to generate or transform existing pattern/automation data via... Renoise Team, Live Coding, Sandbox
MorphSynth MorphSynth is a (somewhat experimental) sample generator capable of creating complex waveforms... Sample Generator, Synth
Automasher Automasher is a tool to create complex automation curves. It works by assembling basic shapes,... Automation
CDP Interface The Composers Desktop Project (CDP) is a collection of command line sound editing and... CDP, DSP, Sound Design
Stepp0r Stepp0r is a Step-Sequencer on the Launchpad. Right now, it’s working fine as a “forget the... Launchpad, Songwriting, Sequencer
Groove Control This tool gives you a macro for the 4 sliders in the master-track groove control. Also a button to... Groove, Shuffle, Macro
Clear Selection Super simple tool to add a shortcut to the pattern and phrase editor, which clears the current... Utility, Pattern Editor
Quick Vol AHDSR An alternative mini GUI to access an Attack,Hold,Decay,Sustain,Release (AHDSR) envelope in the... sampler, Pattern Editor, ahdsr
Vsti From Menu This tool enables you to load VSTi`s and VST fx from either the Instrument menu, or the DSP lane... Menu, Vst, Vsti
PadSynth PadSynth is a sample generator that uses the algorithm designed by Nasca Octavian Paul. The idea... Sample Generator, Instrument, Synthesis
Slices to Midi Detects the pitch of each slice in the selected instrument and writes the note values to the... Audio to Midi, Sliced Samples, Pitch Detection
ZeroCrossings This tool works by slicing a sample into smaller segments when the signal is crossing the zero... Sample Editor, Sample Slicing
ReQuest ReQuest is a library for use in tool development. It's a full implementation of HTTP complete with... Library, Web Server, Tool Creation
Midi Convert Converts a Renoise song into a MIDI file. Notes are grouped by instrument and exported per track. Utility, MIDI, Conversion
Akaizer This tool is the wrapper for Akaizer, freeware timestretching and pitchshifting tool for Windows,... Sample Editor, Timestretch
Collapse/Expand All Tracks in Group This tool implements the missing collapse/expand toggle for all tracks in a group, to be assigned... Pattern Editor, Mixer
Chop Sample Chop a sample into equal slices. Run it from the right-click menu in the Sample Editor or bind it... Sample Editor, Sample Slicing
Live Dive With Live Dive you can mix the tracks of different patterns of a song. Each track is represented as... Live Performance, Ableton Live, Sequencer
DeleteUnusedSamples Deletes unused samples in the song. Cleanup
DJ Tools - Crossfader With the Crossfader you can crossfade the volume between tracks or send tracks. The two crossfader... Crossfader, DJ, Tracks
InstrumentInfo The instrument in Renoise 3 has a feature which is well and truly hidden: It supports comments and... Instrument Management, Renoise Team
Step Sequencer A Step Sequencer is an intuitive, fast and fun possibility of editing a song. It is especially for... Steps, Songwriting, Sequencer
Baguetter Device "step by step (oh baby) simple sequencer" (or swapper...) With both a live and a write mode... Random, Live, In Progress
Xrns2XMod Xrns2XMod is a tool that convert a Renoise file (.XRNS) to MOD or XM format in a simple click.... Converter, XM, MOD
Grande Utopia Analyzer This is a funky signal analyzer which simulates the famous Focal Grande Utopia EM Hifi speakers.... Signal Analyzer
Synchronize Modulation DSPs This tool allows you to set the rate parameter of the Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects in lines... Utility, DSP
XRNI-Merger Xrni-Merger is an "instrument asset manager", designed to make it easy to copy assets from one... Instrument Management, Renoise Team
scl to xrni Choose from over 4000 Scala tuning files and apply them to Renoise instruments for alternative... Scala, Microtonal, Scales
Slice My Pitch Up Take sample slice processing to another level. This tool has three modules that let you slice up a... Sample Slicing, Tuning, Looping
GotoNextFxOnOff Turning audio devices on/off via pattern effect commands may introduce clicks in your song.... Device, Cleanup
Toggle Reference Track This tool gives you a simple way to reference your mixes against professional releases or other... Reference, Mixing, A/B
Go To Send Track This tool works by adding menu entries to the DSP lanes/ Mixer for navigating to and from the send... DSP, Mixing, Workflow
Note Off Tool Allows you to control multiple note-length values in a renoise pattern selection or track via the... Pattern Editor, Note Off, Note Length
Convert Instrument Number This tool will take the pattern instrument numbers and convert them to the currently selected... Shortcut, Pattern Editor, Instrument Box
SetMetaValue This tool sets the meta (vol/pan/dly) value in selected range for all notes. -Type in the value... Volume, Pattern Editor, Pan
Print My Chords This tool shows "Roman Numeral" chord analysis of the current Pattern-Track. Simply make sure the... In Progress, Chords, Music Theory
Clear Junk Data Clears unattached "note meta-data" and note-offs. The two processes are separated in the GUI as... Tidy, Pattern Editor
Auto Capture Instrument From First Note This tool gives an alternative feature to renoise`s "Auto Capture Instrument From Pattern". -... Pattern Editor, Workflow
Sync All Notes In Group This is a tool to make doubling/tripling.. tracks in your song a lot easier, allowing a quick... Pattern Editor, Instruments, Workflow
Airmann's FaderPort Driver Faderport driver integrates the Presonus Faderport DAW Controller seamlessly into Renoise. Focus is... Mixing, MIDI Controller, Driver
dAnushri Mutable-Instruments "Anushri" synthesizer has a nice built-in drum pattern generator ("generative... Pattern Editor, Drum pattern generator
Split into separate Tracks This tool splits the notes of one single track into separate tracks according to either the note... Pattern Editor
Track Comments Add comments to individual tracks. All data will be saved in the global song comments using a... Pattern Editor, Track
ExportAllSamples Export all available samples from *all* available instruments to disk. If multiple samples in the... Sample List, Instrument List
Rotate Pattern Rotates pattern content (shift and wrap content around the pattern start and end) and automation... Pattern Editor, Renoise Team
Randomize Notes Randomizes or shuffles notes in various tonal modes and ranges, in order to create new random... Randomizer, Notes, Pattern Editor
Render Song to Soundcloud A simple interface to the SoundCloud Desktop Sharing Kit (bundled with the Tool, no need to... Soundcloud, Integration, Rendering
Grid Pie Renoise cut and pastry. Live sequence recombination. Grid Pie is a performance interface. It lets... Performance, MIDI Controller, MIDI
Nibbles A Lua implementation of the game Nibbles, also known as Snake. Game, Snake, Nibbles
Renoise Freesound Integration sample browser for renoise. Tool provides simple sample browser for search terms. You... freesound, Sample List, file import
Strum Notes This tool allows string strumming emulation by inserting delay offsets on the same row. Applied on... String Instrument Strumming Emulation, Renoise Team, Pattern Editor
Simple IRC Client Simple IRC client that allows you to chat from within Renoise. By default logs right onto the #... Renoise Team, IRC, Help
Toggle DSPs Provides menu items and keybindings to toggle DSPs in the current track or in the whole song. Menu... Renoise Team, DSP
Tempo Tap Sets or finds a new BPM value by tapping the beat on a really big button. Renoise Team
Custom Wave Synth A sample generator which allows you to create complex new short, looped samples, using up to 6... Wave Editing, Synthesis, Sound Generation
Custom Pattern Navigation Allows different arbitrary methods to jump through the pattern using custom shortcut keys. Even... Renoise Team, Pattern Editor
PatternEditor Find And Replace A tool for finding & replacing raw pattern data (notes, instruments, fx, ...). Has simple... Renoise Team, Pattern Editor
MetaMate Makes it much easier to assign meta devices to dsp parameters. It works on native and plugin... Meta Devices
Multi Volumes Runs in the background and lets you control multiple track (pre&post) volumes and maintain... Mixer, Mixing
Easy Tune Detects the pitch of a sample and then sets the transpose and finetune values so that it plays at C... Sample Tuning
Batch Adjust Bit Depth Adjust the bit depth of all samples in the current instrument to 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits. Useful for... Sample Editor
Rubberband timestretch & pitch shift The Rubberband Timestretch/Pitch-shift Tool brings Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting features to... Timestretch, Sample Editor, Rubberband
Auto Maximize Selected DSP Device This tool will automatically maximize the currently selected DSP in renoise`s DSP lane while... Maximize, DSP, Tidy
Colormate The ColorMate tool is a keyboard driven dialog for setting and managing track colors. Features -Use... Workflow, Keyboard, Color
Batch convert stereo to mono Batch-convert stereo samples to mono: Either left, right or mixdown both channels or split each... Sample Editor
GetPluginParams Locate and lock plugin parameter names that seem to have no direct connection to their native GUI... Vst, Vsti, plugins