Send Tracks

Multijump From/To Send


Tool for maximum easy handling of jumping thru all track <-> send track connections. Two shortcuts:
"Jump to send"
"Jump from send"

It is kind of "multi-jump" with support for multiple sends. Also always displays current connection in status line. Also support multiband sends.

Go To Send Track

This tool works by adding menu entries to the DSP lanes/ Mixer for navigating to and from the send tracks.

1. If you have a send device on a track, select it then right-click for menu. You should see an entry:
~ Go to Send

Click it and you will be taken to the send track the device is routed to.

2. On any send track that has a send device routed to it, right-click on the DSP lane and you should have a list of all the tracks with those sends. Choose the one you want and you will be taken to that track/ send device. The entries will look something like this:

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