Bizzy B

Bizzy B's Brain Records was one of the most forward thinking labels in the early days when "hardcore rave" was becoming jungle. Many of the productions on the label are by Bizzy B himself, although this was also the place where artists like Slammin Vinyl's DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer (as DJ Red Alert & Pepsi), Technical Itch (as Plasmic Life), Peshay, Equinox (3) and TDK had their debut releases. Bizzy B released on other pionering labels as well; Slowjam & DarkIII on Whitehouse, Stamina and Raw Dogs Relik on Suburban Base, and many more. In 2002 he was producing 2-step and Breaks with his Undercover Agents label, drum'n'bass under the "Warped Science" moniker in 2003, and most recently he's dropping science on Planet-Mu. With almost two decades of underground breakbeat promotion and production under his belt, this man is simply a legend of the genre.