Freddy Hajas

Synthpop producer, remixer & songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hajas has made lots of remixes for bands from all five continents, such as Droom, Real Life, Assemblage 23, Neverever, Information Society, Daybehavior, Anything Box, Iris, !distain, Noel and many more. For years was a die hard fan and user of FastTracker 2 then after moved from a short period to Fruity Loops moved again to Renoise in 2002 which become his main software until nowadays. At least 90% of his released work were 100% made with Renoise, including a full length remix album released in 2005 by a NYC label. Hajas is also a talented game developer who created several improvements to famous games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield series, which he also did soundtracks to them and small movies, all using Renoise.