Jakub Gaudasinski

Born in Poland behind the iron curtain in the early 80s, Jakub attended his first music lessons in classical cello. As part of a family of artists and cold war revolutionaries, Jakub's childhood was a colorful mixture of art, strong personalities and beautiful countryside summers by the river. This was a start to what was to be a turbulent and surreal journey into the world of music.

These days Jakub is a composer, producer and a multi-instrumentalist. His auditory palette was forged in the fires of computer programming and field recording. With the frequent use of all manner of human voice and esoteric instrumentation, he was able to create a truly unique and organic sound which, with the help of many television appointments, has now been heard in just about every corner of the world. Jakub is currently running Desa One project studio responsible for artistic endeavors such as Desa Systems and Final Configuration.