The Megadrives

Drawing much of their inspiration from Electronica duo peers such as The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Orbital. The Megadrives unabashedly revel in expressing themselves using the computer to output original, propulsive sounds in their quest to bring every listener together on the dance floor via the rhythms & melodies.

Their live shows—whether fierce or chill, are a symphony of laptops, mixers, MIDI controllers, effects and mixing techniques—the definition of intense creative energy. Wherever they perform, they leave audiences mesmerized. They are a unique phenomenon in a scene dominated by the DJ—all tracks performed are self-produced, mixed live, and tweaked through the software Renoise. Within the realm of electronic music, the Megadrives refuse to limit themselves to one particular genre, exploring any style that excites them. They’re at their best unleashing an ever-changing, nonstop, mega-fluid mix of Acid, Breaks, Down Tempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Glitch, House, IDM, Psychedelia, Trance, Trip Hop and hybridized sounds that have yet to be labeled.