Forum Rules

The forum moderators may delete, move or modify any posts that do not comply to the forum rules, without prior notice.

Basically: Posting And You...

Forum Noes

  • No illegal material. In particular, you may warn us about Renoise warez by email.
  • No offensive content, insulting or hard language. Keep this site accessible to anyone.
  • No flaming. Take your fight elsewhere. Positive critics are appreciated though: "although your song is kinda crappy right now... if you do this and that it will sound a lot better".
  • No advertising. Spam is bad. Genuine, interesting stuff may be permitted though, such as mastering services or scene competitions.


Before you post your question on the forum, make sure the question has not been answered already. Redundant posts are annoying and makes it difficult to find useful information later.

  • Check the existing documentation.
  • Use the forum's search engine. Every possible question has already been answered on our forum. Twice.
  • Go to the Renoise IRC channel. Sometimes a direct conversation is more effective than slowchatting on the forum.
  • If you don't want your question exposed in public, contact the Renoise team in private.

So your question is unique, eh? Include as many relevant information as you can. Preview your post and pretend you have to answer it. Anything missing or unclear?

Add your question to the correct subforum, probably either Beginner's Questions or Help and Support.


  • Avoid generic titles like 'Question' and 'Please help'. Provide a meaningful title instead, such as 'How do I send MIDI CC to a VST?'
  • With a good title the reader will have an idea of what the post is going to be about before even having to open the topic. Very handy when skimming through the list of topics!


We appreciate your helpfulness. But please keep to the following rules to avoid causing anger and confusion:

  • Do not answer if you do not know anything on the subject. Pointing someone into the right direction is OK. Deliberately confusing people is not.
  • Answer questions only if you intend to give a useful answer. If you plan to say "Meh, you are such a noob...", stop your wankery and go outside. If you do answer, be patient and go step-by-step.