How do I report a bug?

Make sure the issue or bug you have found has not already been discussed in the Renoise forums.

When reporting new issues, please include:

  1. Your OS and if you're using the 32bit or 64bit version of Renoise
  2. System specs: RAM, CPU, soundcard
  3. used plugins and their version - if relevant
  4. config.xml, crashlog.txt and log.txt/renoise.log from the following location:
    Windows: %appdata%\Renoise\V3.1.1\
    MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/, ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1/
    Linux: ~/.renoise/V3.1.1/
    (replace V3.1.1 with the version you have installed)

Try to find a recipe to reproduce the bug. Once reproducable, it will be easier for us to find a fix. Be as specific as you can. We appreciate it if you can show us the buggy behavior by providing examples, such as a screenshot or part of a song.