Release Notes for Renoise 1.8.0

Changes between Renoise 1.8.0 and 1.5.2.


  1. 51 new additions (in detail)
  2. 28 updates (features that got extended)
  3. 9 fixes
  4. 15 changes


  • Menu bar
  • Show used midi-mappings dialogue
  • 7 presets for storing specific custom GUI layouts (bound to the first seven function keys)
  • Keyjazz option
  • Single-pattern or pattern selection rendering to file
  • Render each pattern into a separate file
  • Multiple sample/instrument selection in the diskbrowser (shift click and ctrl click) to import multiple samples or instruments
  • Colour syntax in pattern editor
  • Zooming facility in automation (4 levels: 100, 200, 400 and 800%)
  • Manual value change of automation nodes (yes you can now type in exact values for each automation point)
  • Copy / Paste selection in envelope windows (inside and between(:D) automation / instrument envelopes)
  • Line-in device to routing group
  • Search facility to various listings (VST/DSP list; automation list; VSTI list etc.)
  • Copy track in song through pattern editor context menu or shortcut (lctrl-lalt-ld)
  • Added transparent copy mode (aka mix-paste in other trackers) to Advanced Edit which allows you to copy contents in between existing notes
  • Added “Column in song”option to Advanced Edit selection criteria
  • FLAC support (encoding and decoding) FLAC files are stored in 16-, 24- and 32-bit (yes first app to support true 32 bit flac!) format
  • Configurable prehear volume slider in sample-section of the diskbrowser and assignable to master or current selected track.
  • Sample editor improvements:
    • Snap-to-Zero for selections and loop-based operations
    • Short-cut key controllable options
    • Prehear wave-play on mastertrack or selected track
    • Added bit-depth option to the conversion dialog
    • Line-in recording which features
      • Pattern quantization
      • Record-latency compensation
      • Channel recording selection (L/R/L+R)
      • Selectable device input (In general for ASIO:Line-in / Mic/Phono-in etc:depending what the soundcard supports)
      • Realtime track-fx processing to line-in signal
  • Advanced Mixer which contains:
    • Six switchable control components (mute/solo+panning+fader+volume-value+routing component)
    • VU-meters contain three different min/max limits: -24 to 0dB, -48 to 0dB (default) and -96 to 0dB
    • drag & drop dsp/VST effects in mixer
    • expandable/collapsable parameter tables in Mixer DSP/VST blocks and hide/view labelnames
    • Pre (automatable) and post (none-automatable) and MIDI mappable slide-buttons (vol & pan)
    • Specific ASIO channel routing possibilities
  • Command to temporary skip loading the song-template when creating a new song (ctrl-shift-n)
  • specific keyboard focus areas (highlighted with specific area markers in around the corners)
  • lock keyboard focus to pattern area function
  • CPU Load Threshold
  • Hardware buffer triggering:More control to circumvent audio-card quirks, some soundcards perform better with hardware buffers, but *may* perform unpredictable when using the line-in device or recording with it (wrong bit/freq rate recording / playback etc.)
  • SSE support to improve CPU performance (rates of 10% improvement are possible)
  • Custom root-folders for autobackup files
  • Colour-picker added to theme preferences
  • Mute source in delay DSP
  • Three different sample export types in song/instrument export preferences
  • Added colour invert option to invert the complete theme
  • Printable custom keyboard settings from within any XSLT compliant browser
  • Open/Save as song using common dialog
  • Open Recent songs loadlist
  • Missing vst plugin survey for songs loaded that contain plugin references that lack locally.
  • Set option in the advanced edit for mass alteration of values to the same value in the pan/vol/effect column.


  • You can now exclude specific controllers in the MIDI prefs pane
  • Note-Cut behaviour altered to lower CPU usage
  • Flac, Ogg and AAC/M4A added to importable samples, involving improved mp3 support
  • Import format sample-files can now be preheared in the Disk-browser as well
  • Prehear of samples in the diskbrowser can now be initiated by right arrow key (regardless of the prehear button state)
  • Import options (MIDI / raw sample import / wave loop options) can also be altered on-the-fly from the file context menu of the disk browser (use Load File with Options)
  • Samples can now be loaded directly from the XRNS and XRNI archives.
  • Samples in the archives can be replaced with whatever sample format Renoise can read
  • Sample-slot window can be resized so you can balance between the amount of instruments / samples view.
  • All supported file-types can now always be loaded regardless which preset section is selected (song/instrument/sample/theme)
  • Added option for rendering 24-bit quality
  • Effect plugins can be moved by keyboard shortcuts
  • All XML related clipboard contents (pattern / automation / dsp / inst.envelope data etc.) can be shared between Renoise and third party tools (like text editors)
  • Individual MIDI mappings can now be removed without having to redefine all the other controllers
  • Automation can now be controlled by more keyboard shortcuts
  • global Undo/Redo - All actions performed are now all undoable
    this includes removing complete tracks and deleting samples from instruments etc
  • You can now hear instruments when playing notes in the mastertrack / sendtracks (excluding track effects!)
  • ASIO auxilary control can also be set in the Mastertrack now
  • Note delay (Dx) and note cut (Fx) commands can now be used in both panning and volume column
  • Increased pattern volume value to 80 (7f) to better support the MIDI volume range
  • Expanded maximum amounts of samples to 256 per instrument
  • Changed file format (XML) for all saved sound-files (song / instrument) to a ZIP-compatible archive
  • Increased beatsync (Now called Sync) value to 512
  • Expanded maximum bpm rate to 999.
  • Automation interpolation process per tick instead of per line. (values are still per line!)
  • International characters are supported now in the fonts. (Using FreeType fonts)
  • Folder locations in diskbrowser can now be summoned in OS explorer through short-cut / context option.
  • Added global shortcuts for Sequencer navigation: In the keybindings section “global” of the preferences pane, you can now assign keys to navigate the sequencer. These are by default not assigned.


  • (Mac) Right side modifier keys work properly now
    (to start playing the Pattern / Song by default)
  • Changed BPM behaviour to match exact BPM at specific tick-rates (1, 2, 3, 6, 12)
  • Fixed quantize problems and hiss sound in EQ filter DSP’s
  • VST compatability (Allows you to run V2.4 protocol VST’s)
  • VST Timing. (VST plugins with own sequencers now run better synchronised to Renoise)
  • Click and crackle problems with Delay dsp when automated have been resolved by smoothing out the volume parameter response (feedback / send)
  • Buffering issue with DirectSound drivers, this might resolve a lot of playback issues as well if experienced so far
  • Samples are saved in full true bit rates (24/32 bit) now instead of being converted to 16-bit equivalent
  • “Make Selection unique” now sorts pattern sequence in ascending mode instead of descending.


  • Moved Clipboard selection menu from pattern editor context menu to Edit drop-box in menu-bar
  • Removed Midi mapping button from top-right frame, added it to View dropbox of menu-bar
  • Removed Prehear button from the instrument area (still toggable through the numpad decimal-key)
  • Moved Configs to Preferences dialogue approachable from the menu-bar
  • Moved Advance Edit to (expandable/collapsable) side panel on the right side of the pattern editor
  • Moved author/title and song comment to specific dialog, with toggle switch (saved with the song)
  • Moved “Follow automation on song-position changes” to preferences
  • Moved Copy DSP chain from Advanced Edit to Mixer Panel right-click context menu
  • Moved CPU Usage to Song properties and changed name into Quality Mode
  • ASIO channel-names are now shown in the routing list instead of 1 + 2 and 3 + 4
  • Categorised send-device as routing component
  • LFO Device now displays effect and parametername in droplists instead of referring to the devicenumber
  • To read AAC or MP4, you need to install Quicktime 7.0 or higher on windows
  • log-file is being extended instead of overwritten
  • Renoise styled modal dialogs returned.