Release Notes for Renoise 1.9.0

Changes between Renoise 1.9.0 and 1.8.0.


  1. 44 new additions (11 new functions, 33 upgrades )
  2. 18 fixes
  3. 5 changes (moves / removals)

New functions

  • Added Bus compressor DSP
  • Added Maximizer DSP
  • Added a chorus effect
  • Added new Distortion DSP (old one still loads through old songs)
  • Added search bar in Disk Op
  • Added a “*Velocity Device” (with different vel. scalings thanks to pulsar)
  • Hotplugging of MIDI devices for OS X (no chance to get this done for Windows)
  • Multi CPU support (multicpu/multicore, sorry no HT!)
  • improved MIDI Clock Master support
  • There is now also a default pattern length option
  • Added peak indicators to the master track device

Upgraded functionality

  • Added merge command to pattern sequencer which creates one large pattern out of a selected sequence.
  • The Middle Mouse now triggers a sample preview in the Sample Editor, so you can quickly click to preview large samples (from different offsets)
  • Added post volume control in the effects area
  • Added a Re-initialize button into the Audio Preferences
  • Added interpolation mode per sample
  • Added preset handling in effects
  • Added A/B mode in effects
  • Added configurable Rulers in sample editor (rightclick on rulers pops context menu)
  • Added stage control to the phaser
  • Added more quantize options to the sample editor (Shortcuts are Control + 0,1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • The pattern highlight settings are now saved per song, no longer in the preferneces.
    You will find them in the song properties pane.
  • MIDI device are now only opened when they are used
  • You can now render your songs in 88.2 khz
  • Adding new samples to a drumkit instrument, will now update the basenotes and sample splits in the instrument editor automatically
  • Freq and Q controls for the EQ5 and EQ10
  • The LFO device has a custom mode now, where you can draw tiny envelopes
  • The LFO devices frequeny is now shown/editable in Lines Per Cycle, so you can now enter
    for example 64 to let the LFO cycle once per pattern (if the pattern has 64 lines)
  • “BPM sync” for the delay device
  • Pan TAP added for the delay device
  • Line sync added for the delay device
  • phase inversion switches to the gainer device
  • Added filter control to the flanger device
  • Meters for all the amp related devices
  • Surround width is available in the Stereo Expander as well
  • Freq graphs for all EQs
  • Channel control (L/R / L+R) for all EQs
  • new mpReverb2
  • new “soft” fullscreen mode on Windows
  • Support for dead characters in all Renoise textfields (you can type,enter combined characters like ñ now…)
  • Own drawn Caption and resize borders on Windows
  • All delay lines are now “smoothed”, so that you dont get clicks when changing the delay time
  • All Buttons, Chooser, Whatever (non sliders) in the FX devices will now show the pattern code in the status-bar on left clicks and write automation or pattern codes (depending on fx recording mode) on right clicks. Including the Device On/Off button
  • Upgraded the internal Flac to 1.1.4 (should be a bit faster and compress better)


  • Render Selection In Pattern With Null Selection, Crashes Renoise
  • Normalizing A Sample Doesn’t Change Bit Depth, (to 32bit float)
  • Hittin Rec, change playback position
  • Program Load Bug With Komplexer VSTi
  • Delete - >”all Automation In Song” Only Affects current open pattern
  • LFO GUI update when type change performed by effect command
  • Undo enter new Pattern Name doesnt refresh, gui
  • Tooltip Pattern Wrap
  • Song Comments focus now exclusively visualized
  • Incompatability issues with 1.5 RNS songs where VSTI plugins could be loaded with the wrong patches
  • Crash when deleting a playing sample or instrument on the mastertrack.
  • Copy/paste selections in unequal note/effect columns, pattern command values unpasted
  • Disabled context “copy/paste selection” into automation when no automation yet exists.
  • Double-click song in explorer and Vst Plugins, Doesn’t tell me which ones I need
  • 24 Bit Sample Gets Broken, when using flac
  • AIFF files with empty copyright header won’t load
  • Oscilloscope graphic glitch caused by missing updates
  • Japanese keyboard bug using modifyer keys
  • Midiccdevice Automation Envelope Polls Ccs Too Often


  • Removed quality mode in song settings
  • Splitted 09xx and Pitch mode in song settings
  • moved the mastering settings “Soft Clipping”, “Autogain” and “DC Filter” from the prefs to the mastertrack
  • Notecut (fx) and retrigger command (0exx) combination behavior changed to a more logic behavior (now retrig is cut at tick fx)
  • Moved “Save as default song” from Preferences to Song settings