Release Notes for Renoise 2.1.0

The idea behind 2.1 is that until Renoise has features like a piano-roll, an arranger and audio file streaming, you should at least be able to use them externally. That is why we have added routing features to connect Renoise to other audio applications. With ReWire on Windows and MacOSX, and the Jack Transport protocol on Linux, you can finally combine the best things about trackers and sequencers.

New Features

ReWire & Jack Transport Support

+ (OSX/Win) Rewire Master (ReWire-in routing device) and ReWire Slave mode.

See QuickStart PDF for more details: How to use ReWire PDF

+ (Linux) Added Jack Transport
See QuickStart PDF for more details: How to use Jack transport PDF

Live features in the Pattern Sequencer

+ Pattern Sequencer can be decoupled from viewed pattern (disable Pattern Follow).

+ Pattern Sequencer allows queuing patterns, deferred triggering.

+ Pattern Sequencer shows current playing pattern row in the player queue column. Green when follow mode is off, white when follow mode is on.

New Devices

+ Hydra device : Control up to nine parameters of other effects using only one input slider.

+ Keytracking device : Similar to the Velocity device but then ranges for key-note values affect the target parameter.

+ MIDI CC device got transformed to a MIDI Control device : Pitchbend, Channel Pressure and Program changing are now added parameters (and are now automatable through automation curves).


- Virus TI : Fixed a bug with the VST timing when the static buffers option is enabled & we've added some VST features which are normally not used. "Access" would fix some timing issues on their side to make our fix work so you also need to download their newest Firmware containing their solution to have a full fix.

- OSX: Supercollider AU Wrappers show no parameters / crackle.

- Pingpong Looped Sample + 05xx Resets Loop Direction

- Ext. Midi Notes sometimes stuck (from MIDI Master Keyboard)

- OSX: Audio Damage Plugins GUI Crash

- Midi In From Mme+Wdm should not be used together by default

- Middle Click On Envelope Automation Sets A Point

- Linux: Wrong VST Instruments Properties label LADSPA instruments should not be mentioned

- Renoise "Hickups" On Songplay After Idling


- Loop info is now included when saving WAV and FLAC files

- Clicking stop twice no longer rewinds the pattern-arranger to the first song-position.