Release Notes for Renoise 2.7.0

Back To Beats. Renoise 2.7 transitions from the developer-heavy focus of the previous release to more musical concerns such as Sampling, Instruments, Automation, and Native DSPs.

Instrument Redesign and Sample Keyzones

Renoise's internal instruments have been re-engineered. The focal point is a new keyzone editor that supports overlapping, velocity, and key release mappings. The Sample Keyzones editor brings with it user interface refinements, improved drumkit generation, better tuning options, new sample properties, and loop modes. Live instrumentalists can also tap into new realtime rendering modes and MIDI input routing, making Renoise on a laptop a formidable replacement for your old sampler.

Some new Instrument & Sampler features at a glance:

  • Sample Keyzones GUI editor per instrument
  • Map different samples to different velocity ranges
  • Map samples to key release as well as key press
  • Stack samples and create overlapping sections
  • Toggle envelope on/off per keyzone
  • New Release sample loop option for exiting the loop on key release
  • MIDI Input can now be routed to individual instruments and tracks
  • Extended drumkit and keyboard layout generation options
  • Sample envelopes now have Points mode in addition to Linear and Curve
  • Autofade setting per sample for quickly fading beginning and end of samples
  • Select multiple samples and batch edit properties
  • Overhauled instrument properties GUI, now in lower tab

Sample Slice Markers

New Slice Markers push Renoise's breakbeat insanity one step further. With the click of a button, your break is sliced and keymapped. Amens away! More than just a beatslicer, creatives will soon discover custom offsets and the power of aliases for controlling longer recordings like vocals and soundscapes.

Slice marker features include:

  • Automatically detect transients in sample and place markers on them
  • Manually place and edit slice positions in sample editor
  • Trigger slices from keyboard as if they were regular samples
  • Trigger slices from pattern 09 commands
  • Trigger either only slice or remainder of sample from that point
  • Edit sample properties like loop, volume etc per slice

Automation Improvements

The revamped Automation Editor now provides a zoomable overview of the entire song, as well as vastly improved envelope resolution. Mouse handling has also been simplified, with fewer modifiers and more easily accessible draw mode, selections and context menu.

  • Automation precision increased to 256 steps per pattern line
  • Zoom level can be locked to multiples or fractions of whole envelopes
  • Values can be snapped to grid, lines or beats
  • Turn off Follow mode to detach edit position from playback position
  • Left-click and drag to select, drag a selected point to move/scale

New Track DSPs

Internal FX get an injection of winning with a new Comb Filter and a Multiband Send that lets you surgically redirect a single sound source to 3 send tracks. New draggable gain and frequency handles in the native EQs add flavour and finesse to the tools.

  • New Multiband Send device letting you send different frequency bands to different destinations
  • New Comb Filter device
  • Draggable handles for Frequency, Gain and Q for the EQ devices
  • Devices can now be renamed
  • Load and Save DSP chains from the device chain and device context menu
  • DSSI plugins now handle MIDI note events coming from the GUI
  • DSSI plugin windows always stay on top of Renoise window

Recording & MIDI

  • MIDI Input can now be routed to individual instruments and tracks
  • Pre-count metronome option for recording
  • Live recording MIDI notes/events will no longer create lots of Undo/Redo steps
  • More simultaneous Master/MIDI In devices supported
  • Store pattern quantize settings globally and not per song

Audio Rendering

  • Real-time rendering mode: render MIDI instruments and line-in devices, or hybrid VSTs
  • Mono/Stereo/Auto option added for the plugin grabber
  • Render Selection To Sample no longer renders DSPs on master channel

Other Tweaks and Fixes

  • Remember previous track mute states when soloing/unsoloing
  • New phase meter in Master Spectrum view
  • Track and master scopes synced to zero crossings for better readability
  • Audio headroom per track is now configurable (was -6dB)
  • Pattern Matrix no longer steals Pattern Editor focus when clicked
  • Navigating folders with many XRNX/XRNI files in Disk Browser considerably sped up
  • Trigger Autoseek samples also when triggering individual lines (with Return key)
  • Double click on scrollbars to zoom out fully in zoomable views
  • Updated Lua API bindings

Video Introduction to Renoise 2.7.0

Registered users

Try the new features in Renoise yourself with the demo. Or buy Renoise right now to get rid of the restrictions and get over 800 MB of Renoise Instruments (XRNI format) created by PureMagnetik and BeatSlaughter for free.

Registered versions can be downloaded at Please contact us if you have troubles logging into the private area, or have questions about the releases, website. Please note that when upgrading Renoise, any third party tools you might have installed will also need updating.