Release Notes for Renoise 2.7.2


  • OSX: Tooltips could crash down Renoise on OSX Lion
  • OSX: Key repeating sometimes did stop after Alt-Tab from/to Renoise with the Scripting Editor open
  • Multisample XI import was not working correctly in 2.7.1 and 2.7.0 (only the first keyzone was created, the other ones got skipped)
  • Cross connecting, modulating multiple hydra parameters with each others could freeze Renoise
  • It was possible to paste envelopes via keyboard shortcuts into an empty automation with no parameter selected
  • Fixed script installation quirks when the XRNX archive was created on OSX or Linux and had sub folders
  • Windows: When closing the scripting terminal twice on windows 7, Renoise could have crashed
  • Scripting API: Display corruption when a tool calls too early.
  • Scripting API: Remove Hacky Spaces in (Lua) DSP Device Paths: like: track:insert_device_at("Audio/Effects/ Native/Gainer", 2) is now track:insert_device_at("Audio/Effects/Native/Gainer", 2)