Release Notes for Renoise 2.8.0

We are proud to present a new Renoise Release. Final versions of our latest release are now available to all registered users at the Renoise Backstage, and everyone else can check out the free demo versions. Everyone is invited to join our forums to discuss the new release.

Full 64-bit Support

Ever since our Linux users got a 64-bit version with Renoise 2.5, we've had a lot of requests for 64-bit support on all three platforms, and now it's ready. Running the 64-bit version, the memory-hungry among you can now take full advantage of the available resources in your machine, allowing you to break the 4 GB barrier.

Renoise 2.8 also comes complete with a native plug-in bridge, allowing seamless usage of 32-bit instrument and effect plug-ins inside the 64-bit Renoise process, and vice versa.

  • 64-bit versions for all platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Plug-in bridge allows 32-bit plug-ins to be used within 64-bit Renoise
  • Full Rewire 64-bit support

Reworked Pattern Matrix with Slot Aliases

Workflow has been the keyword for most of the 2.8 development cycle. Thanks to the revamped Pattern Matrix and sequencer, it's now easier than ever to arrange your songs. By aliasing individual pattern slots, you can lay out complete tracks in no time. The new sections feature allows you to add structure and overview, while the streamlined sequencer helps to keep your project nice and tidy.

  • Alias individual pattern slots in the matrix, i.e. treat them like clips
  • Edit one slot and have changes propagate to all other aliases
  • Quickly clone or alias slots by dragging their edges
  • Use section headers to group parts of the song together

Track Groups & Collapsing

Another big workflow improvement is track grouping, which allows you to group related tracks together, and have each group share common effect chains. It's now also possible to collapse tracks and groups, which can do wonders for the overview of large projects.

  • Group tracks into logical units, collapse them for better overview
  • Flexible routing of group tracks
  • Collapsed tracks use minimal space, while still providing a quick overview
  • Pattern effects in groups will affect all member tracks simultaneously
  • Automatically collapse all tracks except the one you are focussing on
  • Color code tracks with adjustable background colors

DSP Effects and Meta Devices

And what would a new Renoise release be without a few new DSP effects?

  • New DSP Multitap delay for spaced out filtered echo madness
  • New DSP Repeater for st-st-st-stuttery goodness
  • New DSP Exciter to make your mixes sparkle
  • New Meta Mixer allowing blending of modulation signals into one output
  • Improved EQs with bigger graphs and all values can be automated
  • Improved Send devices, which can now be individually panned
  • New and improved crossover filters for the Multi Send device

Sample Editor

The Sample Editor has also got its fair share of workflow improvements.

  • Left & right channels can be edited separately
  • Zoom level & current selection are remembered per sample
  • Significantly faster sample loading
  • Destructively render slices to individual samples
  • Improved keyboard and mouse selection handling
  • Improved marker and waveform display visibility
  • New and improved processing tools (mute selection, insert silence, invert phase, swap stereo channels and cross-fading loop creator)

Improved Spectrum View

  • New Phase Correlation Meter in Phase Scope
  • Side-by-side comparison of two tracks in the spectrum view
  • New drawing modes: Filled Curve, Bar and Spectrogram
  • Configurable frequency scaling, precision, peak fall rate, and slope

Pattern Effects

  • Pattern effects in the master or group tracks will affect all member tracks
  • Up to 34 DSP devices can be addressed via pattern commands 1xyy-Yxyy
  • New pattern effects: Tremolo, Auto Pan, Set Envelope Position
  • Logical mnemonics for pattern effects from A to Z instead of cryptic numbers

Performance Improvements

  • Hyper-threading support for new Intel i5 and i7 CPUs and others
  • Various audio engine speed optimizations for all platforms

Other Workflow Improvements

  • Graphical BPM/LPB/TPL automation in the Master track
  • New Favorites system for plug-ins and native DSP devices
  • Expandable and detachable Envelope Editor
  • Memorize last used bank/preset paths per plug-in
  • Automatically name rendered songs/patterns
  • Right-side modifier keys are no longer hard-coded
  • Finer control over note distribution when dragging samples into keyzones
  • Improved color picker with saveable swatches
  • Context menus overhauled and made more consistent

Under the Hood

  • Quicktime is no longer needed to import MP3 files on Windows
  • Plug-ins are woken up from auto-suspend when clicking on their windows
  • Support for mono capture devices on OSX
  • New Jack implementation on Linux
  • Trimmed overall memory footprint

Lua Changes

  • Renoise Update Checker and Tools Auto Updater are now part of the default installation
  • Various new Lua API bindings