System Requirements

Renoise runs on the following processors and operating systems:


Version Renoise 3.4
OS 64bit Windows 7, 8 or 10


Version Renoise 3.4
OS Intel or Apple M1 based Mac with MacOS 10.11 or later


Version Renoise 3.4
OS x86_64 based Linux with glibc >= 2.27, 7.1+. For example Ubuntu 18.04 or newer.
32/64bit ARM based Linux with glibc >= 2.28, 7.1+. For example Debian 10 or newer.
Sound libasound2 (ALSA >= 1.0 for Audio + MIDI). JACK is optional, but recommended.
More info regarding Linux System requirements.

General information

  • From version 3.1, Renoise only is available as 64-bit version. A special bridging technology still makes it possible to load 32-bit plugins, at the cost of some additional processing power. Bridged plugins are denoted with an arrow icon.
  • Renoise's minimum window size is 990 x 550 pixels. The window can be stretched across multiple screens. On screens with a height lower than 700 pixels, either the top or bottom panel will be collapsed.
  • To benefit from ASIO in the full version on Windows, your soundcard and system have to be compatible. If your soundcard has no native ASIO drivers, you can try ASIO4ALL.
  • Renoise 1.8+ requires SSE. If you have an AMD CPU, find out if SSE is disabled and switch it back on with H.Oda's WCPUID/XPUID. You can also try A4SSE.