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Grande Utopia Analyzer

This is a funky signal analyzer which simulates the famous Focal Grande Utopia EM Hifi speakers. The analyzer listens to the left and right audio channels on the master track, and moves the various...

Airmann's FaderPort Driver

Faderport driver integrates the Presonus Faderport DAW Controller seamlessly into Renoise. Focus is laid on mixing (mixer+fx control), automation envelope creation, and general DAW control. This tool...


Observes track names and automatically assigns colors to tracks by predefined filter rules. It's comparable to Reapers SWS auto color extension. How it works is best explained by example: E.g. filter...


new command "play/ full sound stop". Alternative to Renoise default "play/stop" command, which doesn't stop DSP output like reverb/delay tails. This command can be assigned to any key (e.g. space) or...