Welcome to a new www.renoise.com

To celebrate the first public release of the new Renoise 2.8, we also decided to give the website a much needed overhaul. Along with a new look, the different sections have been streamlined in an effort to make the site easier to navigate.

Another aim has been to try to provide a better introduction for newcomers to the world of Renoise. The What is Renoise? section summarises all the unique capabilities of Renoise on one page.

The new site is still a work in progress in some areas, so do let us know if you stumble across anything that doesn't work as it's supposed to.



Congratulations on the release candidate and on the new site layout! Looking good. Stumbled across a minor inconvenience: the videos don't show up on my iPad/safari. The old site worked on that account... Don't know if it's a problem specific to my settings or whatnought. Anyways - keep up the good work!
Sleek and sexy.
its not like the new design is absolutely terrible, its just the colors are meh and renoise had a lot going with the khaki tan and dark red.
I want to officially apologize for this comment.
I like the new look. Feels fresher than before. What i feel was better in previous design (at least for me) is that forum posts were in front page without any scrolling down, but that's not a big thing, now that i realized that they're in footer. :D
The site looks totally professional, and the big buttons for download and what's new are amazing. I love that feature. Though I would prefer a dark background for the site, the whiteness of it seems to interfere with my ability to make sense. :)
any news? more then 1 year silence now.... please give is some info about what happening there :D thank you
I like the design, but don't like that all link clicks are overridden so middle mouse button (open in new tab) is interpreted as a left click.