Audio Mangling through Slicing: Slice Markers Explained

Sample slice markers were added to Renoise in version 2.7. In this article, I will go into a little bit more depth about what they are, how they work, and some interesting uses you can put them to. So if you haven't yet familiarised yourself with this feature, read on.


Welcome to a new

To celebrate the first public release of the new Renoise 2.8, we also decided to give the website a much needed overhaul. Along with a new look, the different sections have been streamlined in an effort to make the site easier to navigate.


Artist In:Depth - Cristian Vogel

The latest in our series of In:Depth interviewees should need no introduction. Since debuting on Dave Clarke's label with some crunchy, abstract techno offerings in the early 90s, Cristian Vogel's been continously keeping busy exploring everything from sound design to live improvisation to contemporary dance productions to good old wonky techno bangers.

And now he's making a Renoise album. It's called The Inertials and is a collection of "shiny new techno/electro with many layers of rhythm programming, sound design and microdetails to surprise, freak-out and delight" according to Cristian himself.


Artist In:Depth - Datassette

For the next installment in the Renoise artist interview series, we managed to persuade highly productive Renaissance man Datassette to take some time out from his busy schedule to talk about the good old days, creative mod naming, business funk, psy trance, tinned tomatoes, wretched filth and everything in-between. And Renoise self-evidently. Plus some pretty unexpected influences...


Artist In:Depth - Saine! Long Time No See

Long-time Renoise fan Saine has just released his new album Long Time No See on both vinyl and digital formats on Helsinki-based Cymbidium Records. It's a genre-blurring ride through downtempo beats, smooth instrumental excursions and deep late-night house vibes. We quizzed him on his approach to music making in general, with a particular focus on Renoise, naturally.


Artist In:Depth - Hitori Tori Talks Renoise Live Tricks

Hitori Tori, a.k.a. Canadian Renoise veteran Julian La Brooy has been kicking up a stir lately with his impressive videos of innovative Renoise jamming. See Hitori Tori - Renoise Techniques for some examples. We decided to get in touch for a little interview that should hopefully provide some more insight into his working process.

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