ChordLord 1.8.217 (217 chords)

ChordLord features (v1.8.217) .. 217 types of chords.. in each scale/key/tonality.. for each possible tone/note.. selectable with buttons.. to click each possible chord in harmony. .. Read the forum topic for info.. and open the Options in ChordLord. .. Record mode on: record chord notes to pattern .. OSC server on: preview clicked chords with selected instrument .. .. Choose a default velocity and octave on top of the Renoise window.. also use Inversion in ChordLord to make chords lower and higher.. .. ChordLord is accessible via menu Tools... ChordLord.. .. Development by: .. EatMe .. Panda (pandabot) .. Suva .. .. Special thanks to: .. Pone .. Neuro... No Neuro


pKing provides a fully integrated interface to Renoise via the Korg padKONTROL. It has been designed along the MPC style 'pad based' sampler / sequencer interface.

Grid Pie

Renoise cut and pastry. Live sequence recombination.

Grid Pie is a performance interface. It lets the user combine different parts of a linear song, non-linearly, in real time, using a special looping pattern as a live drafting area. It does so by taking over the Pattern Matrix.

Video demo: here.

GridPie is also available as an application in Duplex Beta. This stand alone version will eventually be deprecated in favour of the Duplex app.

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