First Release Candidate of Renoise 1.9.1 for Linux

Here is the first Release Candidate of the Linux version of Renoise 1.9.1. There is also a free demo to evaluate the software before you register.

As the number of bug reports diminishes the Final release is not far off. Stability has priority right now. Much wanted features such as Jack Transport support and 64-bit builds have been planned for upcoming major Renoise updates, that is, Renoise 2.0 and onwards. As there are no more minor updates in the pipeline, if you think there are still some bugs to be fixed or things to be changed, now is the time to speak up. Anything that misses the 1.9.1 Final release will have to wait for Renoise 2.0.

There has been some interest in VST technology for Linux. Renoise supports native Linux VSTs out of the box, but unfortunately there are not a lot of them available. Some people have tried to emulate Windows VSTs with WINE. For the adventurous Linux user, here is a guide: How To Use Native Windows VSTs in Linux.

New in Renoise 1.9.1 Release Candidate 1 for Linux:

  • A new option in the Misc/VST properties pane to toggle longer names for the LADSPA and VST plugins. This option is enabled by default.
  • All bugs labeled [fixed rc1] have been fixed. See Linux Bug Forum.

Note: Renoise might scan some of your installed VST/LADSPA plugins on the first start after installing this update. This happens because the format of the VST/LADSPA cache has changed. The scanning does not cause any trouble and is intended behavior.

To help you get Renoise up and running on your Linux box, there is a Linux FAQ. You can also visit the Linux forum section for all your questions, experiences and suggestions.

Renoise 1.9.1 Download Links

If you got this far, you might as well download this music production suite and give it a whirl. Comes in three great tastes: Windows, Mac and Linux.

The demo version is fully functional, except for .WAV export on all platforms. Additionally, ASIO support is disabled in the Windows version. Registration costs 49.99 Euro. You will receive updates for a full version cycle (eg. 1.9 to 2.9).