Renoise 1.8 Final

Our work is finally complete. Renoise 1.8 Final has gone gold. With your help we have created an exceptionally streamlined music production package. Suddenly feel the need to express your feelings? Post it in the Official 1.8 Final Release Celebration Thread.


Renoise 1.8.0 Final If you are a registered user, get the full version. Renoise 1.8.0 Final Demo The demo does not support ASIO and cannot render songs.

Highlight features

  • Mixer
  • External Audio Recording
  • Line-In Device
  • Accurate BPM
  • Full Undo/Redo support
  • XRNS, a new and open file format based on XML
  • Focusable GUI Components
  • Enhanced VST support
  • Quick Search functionality
  • FLAC, OGG, MP3 and M4A support
Read the complete changelog.

Latest changes in Final

  • Automation Points can be numerically moved
  • Fixes labeled [fixed]. See 1.8 Archive

Renoise 2.0?

We bet you are already wondering what the next version will bring. Discussions about the contents of future updates exist in plentiful amounts, but the first thing we will do is taking a short break. Anyway, a lot of changes have been made under the hood that will allow us release updates more frequently than before.

BeatBattle 5

We are currently preparing our traditional music competition BeatBattle. There are some interesting changes to the rules that will test your skills more than ever. The official announcement will follow soon, so be prepared.

Closing words

A big thanks to all who helped testing the 1.8 beta and RC releases. Renoise 1.8 evolved a lot thanks to your reports and suggestions. We hope you enjoy Renoise 1.8. The Renoise team