Renoise 2.5 Demo Version downloads available

The first Release Candidate of Renoise 2.5 is now available. Release Candidates are the last steps before declaring the version Final.

That means if you are an unregistered user, you can finally download the demo. Together with the registered users we have intensively tested and finetuned the release during the last months. So we expect it to be rock solid.

Renoise 2.5 has a ton of new features. A bird's eye view of the patterns. Improved MIDI so you can map your controller to almost every button or slider. And more, too much to fit here. For the complete overview, have a look at What's New in 2.5.

Renoise 2.5 Release Candidate

Renoise 2.5 Special Offer Price

As previously announced, the price of Renoise will be going up to 59 Euro when 2.5 Final is released. Until then you can buy Renoise for 49 Euro.

We can not pin-point the date for the 2.5 Final release. We test Release Candidates as long as necessary, to prevent a flood of unnecessary updates later on. All we can say is we expect the 2.5 Final release within the next few weeks.

This is your last chance to take advantage of the offer to buy Renoise at the lower price, so don't miss it!

New Renoise Shop

We have updated our Renoise shop with better international support and new payment options to make registering Renoise easier and cheaper for you. We now support Directebanking, PayPal and Bank Transfers without extra transaction fees. All common credit cards are of course welcome as well. From now on, payments are taken care of by our friends at Avangate.


For more information, see the overview of Avangate's Payment Methods. If you have other questions about the new shop, don't hesitate to contact us.