Renoise 2.6 Beta Testing Starts - Renoise Geek Edition


The first Renoise 2.6 beta releases can be downloaded at the Renoise Backstage. Beta versions are available to registered users only. Demo builds will be available shortly before the version goes gold.

What's New?

For a complete list of all the new stuff, and some demonstation videos, have a look at the:

Renoise 2.6 launch page
Main new features in Renoise 2.6 are:
  • Scripting: create powerful new Renoise features with Lua scripting
  • Truly customizable bidirectional MIDI controller + OSC support with Duplex, thanks to scripting
  • Sample Autoseeking, which will make large samples behave behave more like a traditional audio channel
  • 64bit port for Linux
  • DSSI support for Linux
  • ... and more

The scripting features will open up a LOT of possibilities, also in terms of contribution. Everyone is invited to hack their own Renoise features and share them - or not. And if you are not a developer, you can easily install and use scripts from other developers. Its all open, and everyone is invited to hack! To see what the Renoise team already now has done, have a look at the Renoise tools page. To create your own tools and start hacking, have a look at the Renoise scripting page.


"renoise geek edition" LOL
Hurrah! 64-bit and DSSI support should be great! Can't wait to try the new MIDI controller support too!
"Renoise Nerdz Edition" its better for nickname ! ; ) change it please !!! We are not GEEK !! i m a synth nerds
guys, you are making my day. now i can control renoise from pure data and supercollider interfaces and synths. this is a hack edition, if you ask me. i just cannot express how happy i am to see the move towards 'the hacker' and not towards 'the designer/user', so towards those who still want to and do learn new tools, languages and ways to do things (and to not just blindly demand from technology to simply work so they can "just work" - so much more complex is this issues isn't it?) anyway, all four thumbs up, and thank you!
yesss! 64 bit support! thanks guys!