Renoise 2 Launch on Jan 15th

Renoise 2, the DAW with the tracker interface, is finally on its way to the finish line. About 4 months of exhaustive testing are about to end, so yeah, it's pretty much rock solid. More importantly, we are entering a new era of awesomesauce with features such as Automatic PDC and an insane 4096 PPQ timing resolution.

You may have seen the rumors on Create Digital Music. Well, we can confirm those rumors. On January 15th we will launch Renoise 2 and celebrate this huge milestone with a special promo. So keep your eyes on the Renoise 2 celebration launch page while we count down for the final release.


Bookmark that page, tell all your friends, just a few more days until the party starts, a reason to celebrate is here.

We would like to thank everyone in the Renoise community who helped make this release our best to date. Renoise 2.0 incorporates a massive engine overhaul and hundreds of improvements. We couldn't have done it without you.



Nice collection of videos for the launch. Hmm, is that Satobox singing in the Japanese video?
Yeah, that's Satobox! Do you like it?
I most certainly do. Happy Launch Day!
Thanks a lot! Hey, did you see the new news from today yet?