Renoise 3 goes gold

Another round of beta testing has passed. Renoise 3 is ready for production.

In case you missed it the first time around, new features in 3 include:

  • Supercharged instruments: Per-sample envelopes and DSP effects, Keyzones with overlapping layer options (e.g. round-robin features)
  • New real-time performance options: Real-time input quantize and real-time applied harmonic scales
  • Instrument Phrases: Attach a whole note-sequence to an instrument and play this sequence in any pitch and tempo with a simple key press
  • Instrument automation & macros: Control an unlimited number of independently weighted parameters within an instrument
  • New Doofer DSP FX: a wrapper for other devices, enabling you to bundle complex DSP chains within a reusable “shell”
  • New Convolver DSP FX: Impulse response processor for simulating the reverberation of a physical or virtual space
  • Reorganoised GUI: Simplified tabs + layout, entirely redesigned (and detachable) Instrument Editor

A detailed description of what's new can be found on the Renoise 3.0 launch page.