Hunz - When Victims Fight

When Victims Fight

Tracking demoscene veteran Hunz returns to his glorious vocal driven pop with a new CD release that's a testament to just how good you can make music using computers (and a bit of Renoise too!). The European release is out on Apegenine, the same label that hosted Kaneel's masterwork I've Sketched It A While Ago, and you can expect the same level of quality here.

When Victims Fight is a manifest of his outstanding talent; the crisp, poignant beatwork and evocative synth pops and glitches are reinvented when layered between Hunz' emotive voice. Somewhere between Radiohead, Telefon tel aviv and Kate Bush, his music is a testament to pop music and originality. A visionary, he created every facet of this album to be regarded as a whole, from his soulful music, to his award-winning video production to his surrealist art. Hunz fills a crevasse in modern pop music with his honesty, fragility and innovation.

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