Creative Use of Send Tracks

In my previous two articles I have focused on technical matters, but now it is time to take a good look at one of the more creative aspects of Renoise: using Send Tracks. Time to have some fun! Confident use of Send Tracks not only helps you create a clean mix, it also opens doorways to creative sound-design.


Monitoring For Gold: Triangulation For Final Mix Translation

Nod your head if you've ever gone through this: You've made a fabulous tune and stayed up all night mixing until it sounds really pro. You drop a copy to mp3, go to your friend's place and play it to them. Out of the speakers pours the most embarrassing mess of sonic sludge ever accidentally spewed forth by the gods of low fidelity!


Avoid clipping in your final mix

So you've created an absolutely banging tune and it is time to give it a final polish making it ready for mastering. But, the little clipping indicator has been lighting up while your song plays, perhaps so much so the sound of your mix sounds rough and undesirably ugly. No good in having an amazing song if the final mix sounds like a fudged up mess! It is general practice to have a really clean final mix so everything is ready for mastering (more on mastering later). This article will help you aim for a final mix that is nice and clean so it at least avoids clipping.


Hunz - When Victims Fight

When Victims Fight

Tracking demoscene veteran Hunz returns to his glorious vocal driven pop with a new CD release that's a testament to just how good you can make music using computers (and a bit of Renoise too!). The European release is out on Apegenine, the same label that hosted Kaneel's masterwork I've Sketched It A While Ago, and you can expect the same level of quality here.


Kaneel Sketches It

For some of us here in the Renoise community, Kaneel's debut commercial album has been a long time coming. Released on Apegenine Records, "I've Sketched It A While Ago" hosts a mature collection of songs with intense glitched beatwork married with beautiful child-like pop melody. I recently spoke with Kaneel on the Renoise IRC channel about all this: what you have below is the lightly edited transcript. Thinking Deep.

The ReSelektor 2

Time for the second edition of The ReSelektor, showcasing some of the top releases from the end of last year and the start of this year. Let's go:

FreakOST - Stonerman :: Chippy joy meets some sort of postmodern Greek folk music-doof and gets nicely noisy. Perfect for easy digestion for those on a C64 nostalgia diet wanting to see the style pushed into weird goodness.


The ReSelektor - 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The ReSelektor! This is the first of many monthly "best of" roundups of the songs released by Renoise artists. The aim is to showcase these tunes to show the community how Renoise can be used to make amazing music. These songs are full of technique that show an In-Depth knowledge of Renoise usage.

ADC Processing Delay Compensation For Audio Recording

The secret delay problem that your soundcard's company does not want to be too public about. Let us dig deeper to solve the problem. The reward: recordings that sit perfectly in your mix.


Where should I start? For new Renoise users

Welcome to the world of trackers. In this article I will present you with suggestions to quickly learn the basics of Renoise. I will also give you links to sources where you can get samples and let you discover places to become a more resourceful and inspired composer.

Learn Renoise

The official manual explains every feature of Renoise. Not only is it a good place to start with, it is also a valuable reference when you are more experienced.

Record dry, monitor wet

In this tutorial I will show you how the 'External Audio Recording & Line-in Device' can be used to monitor a wet signal while recording a dry input. For an overview or more general usage, check the Renoise Tutorials article on the External Audio Recoring and Line-in Device.



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