The ReSelektor - 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The ReSelektor! This is the first of many monthly "best of" roundups of the songs released by Renoise artists. The aim is to showcase these tunes to show the community how Renoise can be used to make amazing music. These songs are full of technique that show an In-Depth knowledge of Renoise usage. The format will be as follows: Name of artist or artists with website link; a title which is a link to the mp3/ogg of the song (we're not doing streams at the moment); then followed by a short description of the song. You can also subscribe to The ReSelektor Podcast. At the moment the podcast only features availible mp3s, not the songs that are in OGG or are hidden behind PHP downloaders. Without further ado, here is The ReSelektor - 1 Beatslaughter - Innere Leere :: Released for the Camomille 100 release, this is Beatslaughter at his slick and dark peak. Crisp sound-design rolls funk-glitch grooves over reflective ambient atmosphere. Strange futuristic sounds grunt in primitive echo, a soundtrack to de-evolution. Mushen - Breakhopcore :: As the title suggests Mushen tries his hand at a street-smart acid groove fusing breakcore's fast percussive antics and the arrogant strop of gansta-hiphop. Amen and acid nostalgia abound. BotB - Kreissägebläter :: BotB makes a second submission into his recent foray into creating nightmare dramas of epic proportion by welding breakcore violence with Wagnerian orchestral excess. This very well could be the song played with the next war in your local neighborhood. Kaneel - Pyjama Lapin :: The multi-talented Kaneel continues the dark brooding emotion of recent work with his trademark cute melodic weirdness and melancholic melodica. Released for the excellent first compilation of Petite & Jolie. It-Alien Churches Of Umbria :: The Renoise Ninja-Grandmaster It-Alien returns with an epic folk-classical soundtrack that has a richness that no one else is capable of. We're still asking the question: How is this possible to do with a computer?! Listen and believe. Dufey - Story of Tellus :: Asking us to extend our empathy into the future, Dufey drops a strong and clear ethnic groove: full of enough lush melody and emotion for your own future-dreaming to slide right into. Kenny Beltrey - Ffwd :: With a breath of fresh sonic air Kenny Beltrey returns with a straight-up groove that begs being danced to, along with atmospheric repeated melodies sweet enough to carry you through the night. Hektic - Back To The Future :: Short and sweet, Hektic marries oldschool tracker blop with enough thick and weird sonic texture to put this in a class of it's own. Danoise - Kys mit blodrøde smil :: Totally unlike most dance oriented scene music, Danoise masterfully takes us on an emotional journey through pop-folk with excellent placement of avant-noise. The soundtrack to soul and sky being ripped open. Void Pointer - Stoorzender :: Difficult to categorize but unmistakably irresistible, Stoorzender grooves with uniqueness. Bridging zones between psychadelic and hiphop, it's a lofimat danceparty on an inter-dimensional ice sheet. Le Monsieur Baguette and Mushen - The Unbelievable Attack Of Les Horrid Bananas :: Monsieur Baguette teams up commando style with Mushen for an all out breakcore gorge-fest full of comical insanity and pure pining emotion. Amazingly done with nothing but native Renoise effects, check out the XRNS here. Alex Strain and mr_mark_dollin - Uneasy :: Dark cinematic introspection weaving through lost jazz melody and doom-atmosphere. Free of drums, deep space is given to a tense narrative, like waking up sweating from some obscure nightmare.


thank you for putting together this lovely collection of wo0t
That is so cool :)
ReSelektor is great idea, nice one!
Looking forward to hearing these, although a few of the links are dead now: File not found... BotB - Kreissägebläter Dufey - Story of Tellus Password protected... Le Monsieur Baguette and Mushen - The Unbelievable Attack Of Les Horrid Bananas
Drop me an email and I might find the time to upload a version of it (not sure if it's the latest though...)