The ReSelektor 2

Time for the second edition of The ReSelektor, showcasing some of the top releases from the end of last year and the start of this year. Let's go:

FreakOST - Stonerman :: Chippy joy meets some sort of postmodern Greek folk music-doof and gets nicely noisy. Perfect for easy digestion for those on a C64 nostalgia diet wanting to see the style pushed into weird goodness.

Neä - Sad Candy :: The Basement Wigga submits some old Renoise fast tek-groove to classically trained vocalist Neä and the results are brilliantly future-tribal and strangely haunting. A strong case for mixing up electro with the acoustic world - human analogue interaction with cold electronics. Get it, and start hoping for more.

Sharku - Milkman :: Wobbly junk hiphop with some tasty vox bits and jazz pads. Funky and cleanly presented, it's just waiting to be dropped into a set for pure weirdness injection. Fresh, in that Neptunium kind of way...

Kinoma - Helas! :: Basil takes us to some dark alley on the set of Bladerunner and gives us a slick sombre slap of music. This one is high on the gabba nostalgia, but with enough misty melody to soften the punch. Short, sweet and sour.

Kallipolis - To The One I Never Knew :: Taken from his recent "Li" album, Kallipolis continues his tour-de-force in reducing breakcore down to essential emotional elements. Light amen breaks float over gentle acid and pretty harp lines with just enough ambient soothing to cuddle the listener like a long lost lover. Moving music, both physically and emotionally.

Sunjammer - Airports :: Returning with a beasty doom piece Sunjammer shows us how to kill time waiting for the next flight. There's a lot of rave and gabba nostalgia going on, and this will hammer nicely for people looking for a taste of the old sound. Dark and raging, make sure you keep a terror-cap on it while you listen in your plane seat: or security will shut that party down quick smart.

Astar - Night Traffic :: Mathew Mae mines an old club style here but does a beautiful job of it. Subtle with it's nice sense of swirling space, crisp dampness, eventual emotional density and sonic delicacy, this is stuff for either the dancefloor or the headphones.

N Sound - Attica :: Taking breakcore to much more interesting places with grandly reverberated industrial vistas, N Sound gives us a delightfully uplifting soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic junkyard party. It's grittiness is seriously good.

Edsche - Remembrance :: Soulful plinks in an ambient space mourns in demo-style flow. This track is a definite for those looking for something sombre and quiet.

Vitaxin - Just Ice For All (Government Killer Edit) :: Annide returns with a wicked hybrid of chip, disco and noise. Sounding like a sidechained wet dream of old C64 game soundtracks mashed with some positively strange textures, there's enough cool in here to excite the most cynical retro enthusiasts. Perfect for club playback and nerd-dancing.

Encryptio - Laptop Lullaby :: Simply lovely in sonics, Encryptio only gives us a short little taste of a wonderful lush musical world. It has a joyful drone with playful kinder-melodies, perfect for setting a scene or guiding a transition. Like single piece of scrumptious candy to be savored.

NeuRoTiX - le Donne Del Giovedi' Del Mondo. This track has nice noise and parades convincingly digi-texture meeting sleuth jazz. An art piece, and interesting listen.

mr_mark_dollin - Absolutely Doomed :: Dub industrial plod meets warm emotive guitar solos and stream of consciousness spoken-word dream narrative. Glitchy and bittersweet.

Achenar - Survive Yourself :: Achenar brings the doom with a frosty barrage of orchestral-industrial drama and bile. Distinctive vocals sets this apart from the crowd. Taken from his recent commercial release All Will Change, you can expect a solid musical offering. Celtic war meets celestial cyber-annihilation.



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excellent list mr dollin!
wicked to see my track on this list :), though .. maybe you like to update - "right" to (rB ext) or the "Gray" with vocals version, thou', this might be going too much into a wrong direction. just thinking :) cheers!
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