Where should I start? For new Renoise users

Welcome to the world of trackers. In this article I will present you with suggestions to quickly learn the basics of Renoise. I will also give you links to sources where you can get samples and let you discover places to become a more resourceful and inspired composer.

Learn Renoise

The official manual explains every feature of Renoise. Not only is it a good place to start with, it is also a valuable reference when you are more experienced. Renoise is centered around keyboard usage. Hence, there are many keyboard shortcuts, most of which are customizable. You can find the list of your current keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences menu, under the Keys tab. Pressing the Print button brings up the list in your browser, ready to print on paper sheets. Keyboard preferences
Press the Print button in the Preferences > Keys tab above to get a print-ready list of keyboard shortcuts in your browser
The tech blog you are currently reading, Renoise In:Depth, covers topics ranging from everyday's Renoise usage to mixing and mastering. Other tips and tricks written by everyday users are available in the Tips And Tricks forum section.


A couple of experienced users have recorded videos that will help you understand basic concepts and more advanced techniques. The Renoise User Group on Youtube collects videos that are related to the tracking and demo scene in general and Renoise in particular.
Renoise Song Workflow Tutorial - Part I

Samples and Examples

Need samples? Go to the samples thread on the forum. Want to hear music created with Renoise? Check out the songs section. The BeatBattle competition songs make for excellent learning material. They are exclusively in RNS or XRNS format, so you can open all of them in Renoise to take a peek inside. The songs can be downloaded from the BeatBattle pages. On each page, look for a section called "Entries" or "Song pack". Renoise LongTrack is an interesting collaboration of various Renoise users. It is a single song that lasts over 70 minutes! It covers many different music styles and tracking techniques.

That is it for now

Have a nice time tracking! Taken from the forum, courtesy of It-Alien


A contribution from Shaper. <a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ5jTaXywuM' rel="nofollow">Renoise song workflow tutorial - part I</a> Awaiting the sequel.
Great, we'll feature both. Although I can't say I support his mixing tactics, he deserves feature alone for the keyboard speed!
Add this video to the tutorials, I found it randomly and it's actually quite good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDolSuf_FVI
Thanks for the edits, this article now looks better. I'm such a words person I don't think about graphics or video.
@conner_bw There is a slight problem with the Renoise Tutorials at the moment... we cannot get in! :O In the meantime, someone could add it to the Youtube Renoise User Group.