The ReSelektor 2

Time for the second edition of The ReSelektor, showcasing some of the top releases from the end of last year and the start of this year. Let's go:

FreakOST - Stonerman :: Chippy joy meets some sort of postmodern Greek folk music-doof and gets nicely noisy. Perfect for easy digestion for those on a C64 nostalgia diet wanting to see the style pushed into weird goodness.


The ReSelektor - 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The ReSelektor! This is the first of many monthly "best of" roundups of the songs released by Renoise artists. The aim is to showcase these tunes to show the community how Renoise can be used to make amazing music. These songs are full of technique that show an In-Depth knowledge of Renoise usage.

Monsieur Baguette caught on tape

One picture says more than 1000 words. One video says more than 1000 pictures. Is there a better way to show Renoise in action? We caught Monsieur Baguette on tape for some hands-on Renoise action. Kaneel video


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