Renoise 3.0 beta-test has started


With Renoise 3.0, a lot of what makes Renoise special in the first place - the tracker interface, the flexible effects and routing - has now been integrated into its built-in sampler. The user interface has been redesigned with a dedicated instrument section, allowing quick access to even the most deeply hidden feature. And it is possible to detach the instrument and stick it on a separate monitor, too.


Renoise 2.8 - Beta Testing Starts

We are proud to present a new Renoise Release. Beta versions of our latest release are now available to all registered users at the Renoise Backstage. Everyone is invited to join our forums to welcome, discuss, tweak and help bug-fixing the new release.


Renoise 2.7 Final released + PureMagnetik & BeatSlaughter XRNI Packs (800 MB) For Registered Users

Eight weeks of community driven testing finish today. We are proud to announce that Renoise 2.7 is stable and ready for production! Thanks once again to our users, the best in the world.


Proud to Announce the First Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate

We're proud to announce the first Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate. Almost there! Registered users can download their copies from the Backstage. And for the first time in the 2.7 release cycle, unregistered users can check out the Renoise 2.7 Demo.


Back to Beats with Renoise 2.7 Beta

After the hack-and-dev onslaught from the previous release, beats are back in business with "probably the most complete music tool available on Linux, and even on Mac and Windows": the Renoise 2.7 Beta! Read on to see how you can join the party at a quite favorable entry fee. But let's have a look at the new features first.


Maintenance update: Renoise 2.6.1

A maintenance update for Renoise 2.6 is now available. The update is particularly recommended for Linux 64-bit users.


Renoise 2.6 Final - Script Everything

Renoise 2.6 Final, a tribute to the most tech savvy users, is out now. The highlight of this release is the scripting engine, which allows users to code new features in scripts that can be plugged into Renoise in packages called Tools. Furthermore there are some exciting changes under the hood, one of which makes working with longer samples a lot easier.


Renoise 2.6 Goes RC - First Renoise 2.6 Demo Versions

After months of testing and feature finetuning, especially for Renoises new scripting API, Renoise 2.6 gets very close to its final release now.


Renoise 2.6 Beta Testing Starts - Renoise Geek Edition

The first Renoise 2.6 beta releases can be downloaded at the Renoise Backstage.


Renoise 2.5.1 - Maintenance update for Windows 7

A small maintenance update for Windows 7 was released: Renoise 2.5.1 fixes problems with UAC on Windows 7, with the latest security patches installed.



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